Nanolux is proud to introduce its new NCCS APP system. The new NCCS APP can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store or the Apple APP Store.

Use the APP to control your grow room from anywhere in the world on your Smart Phone or Tablet. The first of its kind; the NCCS is an “all-in-one” application that will continually grow as your needs do. The NCCS windows software was released in 2014 for PCs to control light timing, dimming, and overheat protection. Originally operating on its own wireless cloud network, Nanolux has now created an APP for both an iPhone and Android. The APP is far more versatile and extensive compared to the original PC software release. The new APP will have the same lighting controls plus several new controls including: room temperature, humidity, and CO2 with the NCCS THC controller, and soon our pH/EC doser. Just like the lighting controls, the THC and pH controller will be wireless, and adjustable from the APP. With the APP, you can set the perfect growing parameters and have peace of mind knowing it’s all automated. No longer do you have to constantly walk through the grow room and take readings from several different controllers. Simply open your phone APP to monitor or adjust settings depending on your plants needs. This means less time wasted in the growing environment, which provides less of a chance of disrupting the controlled environment or introducing outside pathogens. This system will continue to expand as we introduce new controllers and monitors. Our next launch will include remote connectivity to Nanolux security cameras, environmental controllers and dosing controllers in the Spring of 2017. We look forward to bringing you the newest, most reliable environmental controllers on the market.

NCCS Smartphone APP

  • Allows programming of DTU APP from SmartPhone (Apple or Google) via Bluetooth
  • Allows Remote Access from SmartPhone to DTU via WIFI/Internet access
  • Compatible with:
    • DTU APP for ballast control and programming
    • Nanolux THC – Temp, Humid, CO2 controller (Spring 2017)
    • Nanolux Doser (Spring 2017)
    • Cameras (Spring 2017)



Inventory will start to switch to APP models in Nov, 2016

Downloaded for free from Google Play OR Apple APP store.

Controls lighting system. Programmed with NCCS APP via Bluetooth or Wifi.

Communicates between DTU APP and APP Ballast

Communicates between DTU APP and older Windows NCCS Ballasts

Compatibility between NCCS Windows version and NCCS APP version products


Common Questions:

  1. Q. I want to upgrade to the new APP Based NCCS system.  How much does it cost.
    A. Nanolux will upgrade all DTU’s and RTU’s for FREE through 4-20-2017.
  2. Q. How do I upgrade my NCCS system?
    A. Please contact the store purchased from to submit an RMA form with Nanolux.  Please include the serial numbers of the DTU’s and RTU’s that need to be replaced and we will ship replacements to the store.
  3. Q. What benefits do I receive by upgrading to the NCCS App System?
    A. Nanolux is now able to offer remote view/control of your NCCS system via Bluetooth or WIFI on your Apple or Android device.  You will be able to use your Apple or Android device to view, monitor and change room parameters remotely.  No PC is needed in the programming or viewing of your NCCS system.
  4. Q. Where can I download the NEW NCCS APP?
    A. Apple Store (Apple Users) or Google Play (Android Users)
  5. Q. How much is the new NCCS APP?
    A. The APP is FREE for local Bluetooth programing of the DTU’s.
  6. Q. I want to change or monitor my room remotely, what are my options?
    A. You have 2 options: bluetooth or remotely anywhere in the world via WIFI.  Bluetooth may be accessed for free within 30 feet of the New DTU with APP feature.  You may view your DTU remotely via WIFI for the first 6 months for free.  After 6 months a monthly charge of $9.95 will be incurred.
  7. Q. Why am I charged to view my DTU remotely via WIFI after 6 months?
    A. You are guaranteed dedicated bandwidth to remotely view your DTU(s) 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  These servers cost a monthly fee to rent.  Nanolux Technology is only passing this cost through to the customer.
  8. Q.  Do I have to pay $9.95 a month after 6 months to access my NCCS system?
    A. No, you may access your NCCS system via Bluetooth within 30 feet of your DTU for FREE.
  9. Q. I have the original NCCS system with the ballasts that have “RTU” labeled on the RTU slot.  Will this work with the new DTU?
    A. Yes, however they require the new RTUC- The new RTU C-1 enables the Windows version to work on the new NCCS APP system.
  10. Q. I have new Nanolux APP only ballasts and the original Nanolux Windows based ballasts.  Will they work together?
    A. Yes these different units will work together using the new DTU APP.  The new Nanolux APP only ballasts require the new NCCS RTU APP and the Windows based ballasts require the new NCCS RTUC.
  11. Q. I have a mix of CMH fixtures, DERII ballasts, OG ballasts, DE 600×2 and DE fixtures complete. Will all of these work on the new NCCS APP system?
    A. Yes, as long as the proper RTU is selected and DTU APP is purchased. The new APP based fixtures require the new RTUAPP and the windows fixtures require the RTUC.
  12. Q. I want to view and monitor remotely but I am in the middle of a grow cycle.  Do I have to replace all the DTU’s and RTU’s at once?
    A. Yes, you must replace and reprogram the entire NCCS system.  All DTU’s and RTU’s must be replaced to give you Bluetooth and WIFI remote access to your NCCS system.
  13. Q. I was sent a replacement ballast that reads APP ONLY over the RTU slot.  Will this work with my existing DTU?
    A. No, the units with APP ONLY over the RTU slot will not work with the Windows based NCCS system.  Please submit an RMA and we will upgrade your entire system for FREE through 4-20-17.  Please include serial numbers of all DTU’s and RTU’s that need to be replaced.


The Nanolux cloud control system was designed and engineered to provide a complete solution for the control of the lighting and environmental controls of a grow room. The NCCS system allows for precisian control of all devices in a grow room through its simple and intuitive computer software program. At the heart of the NCCS is a software program which allows you to specify all of the parameters of your lighting and environmental control settings in your room. The program is then downloaded from your computer to the DTU {data transfer unit). The DTU is the brain of the system and communicates and controls all of the selected functions in the grow room through wireless modem communication. The DTU controls lighting ballasts and environmental control devices by communicating wire/essly with individual RTU {remote terminal unit) USB devices. The NCCS system currently allows for precisian control of your lighting system with dimming, multiple lighting areas, high-temperature dimming features along with fan control. The NCCS will be adding C02 functions, humidity and temperature control, pH and nutrient control, pump control and remote camera features in the near future.


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The DTU is the brain of the NCCS system and communicates and controls all of the selected functions in the grow room through wireless modem communication. The DTU controls lighting ballasts and environmental control devices by communicating wirelessly with individual RTU (remote terminal unit) USB devices.

  • Input Voltage DC 3.3V-6V
  • Wireless Frequency 433.5-434.5 MHz
  • Communication Port > USB2.0
  • Measurement 85MM * 150MM * 28MM
  • Weight 142.4g
  • Controls 999 RTU devices



The RTU is the data transfer communication device that is installed on the Nanolux Ballasts which allows them to communicate with the DTU. They receive information from the DTU communicating when to dim and turn on and off. They also send data back to the DTU on the status of the ballast.

  • Input Voltage DC 3.3V-6V
  • Measurement 24MM * 71MM * 24MM
  • Weight 11.0g