Available with different spectrum combinations, that the user can individually select throughout the different stages of plant growth

Full Spectrum/UV/IR

Avialable with different spectrum combinations that the users can individually select throughout the different stages of plant growth.

3 Control Methods

  • NCCS- RTU(50~100%)
  • NCCS 0-10V(20~100%)
  • Manual Control (30~100%) With independent control of UV/IR irradiation time

Unique design

  • With a rotating shaft damping design for balance and cushioning. It will protect the product during setup.
  • BAR adopts multi-tooth shape and 1mm pinstripe design
    Increased 3 times of the heat dissipation area
  • Each bar has the TVS diode design, which has the advantages of anti-lightning, anti-static and anti-overshoot.
  • The unique sunken design with appearance patent can
    better protect the lamp beads from damage and
    meanwhile, increase the effective utilization rate
    of the light source by 5%.

Power Supply

  • Our independent R&D center developed an independent power supply for SN SERIES,which is different from others on the market that configured several power supplies to be combined.
  • It ensures better stability, high power conversion efficiency and better power factor.