The standard Nanolux square grid DE reflector is an 138 degree aperture reflector.  We have added a middle insert to optically spread the light more evenly along the fixtures end to end axis. This provides a more even overlapping light spread.

The CMH optimized reflector is a 130 degree aperture reflector which has an insert to provide a more even light spread using the 2 point sources of light which is used in CMH lamps. This reflector is used for DE lamps with 2 CMH arc tubes or our CMH 630 arm which accepts 2 individual CMH 315 lamps.

The Optilx reflector follows current trends of having more downlight with less commercial overlap of the commercial DE reflectors. We have reengineered this reflector to remove the hotspot/spotlight effect of the current competitor on the market offering this type of reflector. 

The open sided  DE reflector is an 150 degree aperture reflector.  This reflector provides a very wide footprint allowing low angle penetration of light into the canopy.

Traditional bat wing reflector which is adjustable. Provides for a very open and wide light distribution onto the canopy.