DE Dual 600×2 Fixture

DE 600x2 Fixture

With the New Nanolux DE Dual fixture (600Wx2), we have split our 1200W DE into two 600W lamp outputs. This allows the fixture to run both a 2K DE HPS lamp and our brand new double jacketed 6K MH DE lamp, or the optional 4K MH DE lamp (sold separately).

This dual lamp combination provides a spectrum that is unmatched by any other existing HID technology currently on the market. The spectral output of the 6K DE MH lamp combination with the 2K DE HPS lamp provides additional blue light that benefits your plant.

Spectral Distribution

This fixture provides a very comprehensive PAR spectrum while pumping out 1200W of the most powerful light. Use any combination of DE lamps to create the spectrum the plants desire!

This fixture is commercial grade in its design quality and durability. The Nanolux DE Dual Fixture (600Wx2) is NCCS APP ready.

Layout of the lamps must be the same for each fixture. For example, HPS lamp in left socket and MH lamp in right socket. This is to be the same for all fixtures running. This ensures proper mixing of spectral output to make an even overlapping light pattern in commercial applications.


  • NCCS ready – DTU and RTU sold separately
  • Best commercial fixture in its class for light uniformity reflector
  • Multiple dimming options: 300Wx2, 450Wx2, 600Wx2, 630Wx2
  • These units include two DE Lamps: 600W 2K HPS & 600W 6K double jacketed MH Lamp
  • Patented and exclusive ceramic receptacles (no melting plastic)
  • Compatible with all DE Lamps (only use lamps rated for open luminaires)
  • Slow soft start, open circuit and low voltage protection
  • 3 Year warranty on fixtures and 1 year warranty on lamp

Output Power: 1000W
Input Voltage: 208-240
Input Current: 6.0/5.2
Bulb: DE
Dimming Settings: 660×2, 600×2, 450×2, 300×2
PF: >0.99
THDI: <10%
CF: <1.7
Weight: 8.1lbs
Size: 26.2″ x 20″ x 6″
Input Frequency: 50/60